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Reduction in time to hire

About Tropicana Brands Group

Established as a joint venture between PAI Partners and PepsiCo, Tropicana Brands Group brings together an exciting, global portfolio of some of the world’s most iconic juice brands including Tropicana, Naked, KeVita, Izze, Dole, Copella and Punica. The company is the leading producer and marketer of fruit juices with a global footprint of more than 2,000 associates that spans North America and Europe.

Why Jarvis?

We felt that partnering with Jarvis would be a terrific idea because they have access to such a unique skill pool of cybersecurity experts.

Jarvis Rose was in frequent contact with us, making sure that both the candidate and our company were making the best decisions possible.

Rogelio D.Technical Director

The Jarvis difference

When we approached Jarvis Rose, they started asking the right questions straight away to figure out an ideal match for each role. We were given profiles of applicants that suited our criteria shortly after—often within minutes. We were able to schedule our initial interviews quickly. It was always a difficult decision when we had more applications than vacancies to fill. Every possible hiring was a perfect match.

With Jarvis Rose help, we've seen a tremendous increase in our department. We felt as though Jarvis Rose was as much a member of our team as an outside resource, and the level of care and personal touch went way above and beyond what we expected.

Rogelio D.Technical Director

Right people:

Jarvis Rose responded quickly with a long list of outstanding candidates who met our recruiting requirements. We were able to hire quickly as a result of their attention and diligence in understanding our needs, and each employee has since become an important member of our team.

Right seat:

80% of the candidates hired are still with the company and make up the bulk of our operations, working on our most critical projects and developing into leaders within our department. All of the prospects we’ve employed as a result of our collaboration with Jarvis have been a fantastic match.

Right time:

We want to maintain our hiring process as quick as possible, and Jarvis allows us to do so.

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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