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Cybersecurity skills are in high demand, but there is a shortage of workers with the necessary skills to fill these positions. According to (ISC)², a cybersecurity and IT security professional group, the global cybersecurity skills shortage will leave an estimated 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs unfilled by the end of 2022.  

Trend Micro echoed the problem in a study where nearly 50 percent of 1,125 chief information security officers (CISOs) said it is a source of concern for their companies. 

This gap isn’t going anywhere soon, and it’s only getting worse. Research from the Information Systems Security Association shows that the cybersecurity skills crisis is worsening on a multi-year declining trend.  

The Impact of Cybersecurity Skills Shortage on Businesses 

Many businesses struggle to find qualified candidates to fill their cybersecurity roles and carry out their strategic objectives. Internal skills remain the most significant barrier to strategy execution for 43 percent of cyber security leaders, according to a recent study. The 55 cybersecurity experts in the study also identified budget (35 percent), technology (13 percent), and board-level buy-in (9 percent) as significant barriers to organizations.  

Another report shows top companies experienced significant real-world consequences from the global cybersecurity skills shortage, including issues with: 

  • Misconfigured systems 
  • Not enough time for proper risk assessment and management 
  • Oversights in procedures and processes 
  • Rushed deployments 
  • The inability to keep on top of active threats against company networks 
  • Too much lag time for patching critical systems 

With no clear solution to address the global skills shortage in sight within the near future, businesses will have to address the lack of cybersecurity talents within their organizations, which can be a costly and time-consuming ordeal. 

Your business will need to pay for certificate courses, leverage internal training, and establish effective mentoring programs. As Top Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) worldwide are looking for more talent, your company may need to allocate a bigger budget to attract job candidates and enhance employee training. 

While this is happening, you must also be aware of how the gap affects the company as a whole, including its current employees. 

Understaffing puts undue strain on those employees required to take up the slack. Stress leads to lower productivity and employee burnout, contributing to human error. Without a well-rounded security staff that can perform efficiently, your business risks network invasions, data loss, and reputational harm. 

Your business will lose from a financial standpoint as well. Fortinet estimates a business could lose an average of $3.86 million when a data breach occurs. 

Manage Company Cybersecurity Skills Gap with Cybersecurity Recruitment 

Businesses can’t solve the skills gap on their own. One of the easiest ways for companies to bridge their cybersecurity skills gap is to partner with a recruitment agency specializing in cybersecurity and technology recruitment.  

A good cybersecurity recruitment firm will help your company attract the best cybersecurity talent by: 

  • Widening the Search. A cybersecurity recruitment agency utilizes a wide network for sourcing candidates. Organizations can expand their pool of candidates by ten times with the help of cybersecurity recruitment experts. 
  • Picking Potential. Cybersecurity recruitment professionals know that while cybersecurity skills are desirable, they aren’t imperative for a cybersecurity role. Often candidates from other backgrounds, such as military or engineering, have the technical aptitude and soft skills needed for the role. 
  • Hunting for the Best. Cybersecurity recruitment agencies can look for talent in unusual places, including tech forums, hackathons, technology competitions, and similar events. 

Find the Best Cybersecurity Talent with Jarvis Rose

very day, businesses face new and more sophisticated cyber threats. Companies need employees with the technical skills to combat these threats to protect their networks and data. However, due to a shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, many businesses are at a loss on how to attract the best cyber security talent. 

At Jarvis Rose, we help companies find the best cybersecurity talent. 

Jarvis Rose is a global leader in cybersecurity recruitment services. We partner with our clients to scope the needs of the positions to determine the core skills and qualifications required for the job. 

Whether you’re trying to quickly fill an open position or determined to find your next rockstar employee, we’re here to help.  

Get in touch with us today, and let’s work together to make your business the success it should be.