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Businesses of all sizes are facing a shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, and the competition for top talent is fierce. To attract more candidates to your open cybersecurity job, you need to leverage employee benefits as part of your cybersecurity recruitment strategy.  

Employee benefits can be used to entice potential hires to join your company by providing unique perks that fulfill their personal or professional needs. Not sure where to start? Below are some popular employee benefits that offer great incentives for prospective cybersecurity employees. 

Cybersecurity Job Employee Benefit #1: Remote Work Options

Offering remote work options is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, especially in the tech industry.  

More than 60% of tech professionals rank fully remote as their most desired workplace setting, and more than half of technologists say they’re likely to change employers if not given options to work remotely. 

Tech workers aren’t just looking for higher pay. “The reason so many people are looking is they are affirming their belief in remote work.”, says Art Zeile, president and CEO of Dice’s parent company DHI Group. 

Remote work options give employees flexibility and control over their own schedules, which helps them find a better balance between work and home life. This can lead to increased productivity while also decreasing job-related stress levels.  

In addition to boosting morale among existing staff members, providing remote access also allows your company to extend reach outside of traditional geographic boundaries when recruiting new cybersecurity talent. 

Cybersecurity Job Employee Benefit #2: Stock Compensation

Stock compensation is an often overlooked yet effective employee benefit that can help you draw in the right candidates and keep them engaged and motivated.  

Stock compensation allows employees to purchase shares of stock at a reduced price or be given shares as part of their salary package. This incentive gives employees an ownership stake in your company which comes with a potential for significant returns on their investment as well as a sense of pride and connection to the organization’s success.  

It can also be used as an extra reward for achieving specific goals or milestones and directly incentivize top-performing employees, further increasing motivation and engagement among your workforce. 

Cybersecurity Job Employee Benefit #3: Student Loan Assistance

Providing student loan assistance is an attractive benefit that may give your organization the edge in recruiting and retaining top cybersecurity talent.  

Having student loan debt can be a significant burden on a potential employee, so offering assistance with those loans can be an extremely appealing incentive.  

In the United States, the CARES Act allows employers to contribute up to $5,250 per year towards their employees’ loans without being taxed or charged as income by the IRS. This benefit helps your employees get ahead of their payments and motivates them to stay in your company due to the significant savings.  

Additionally, student loan repayment help sends a message to prospective candidates that your company values their education and recognizes the importance of paying off debts quickly. 

Cybersecurity Job Employee Benefit #4: Health and Wellness Programs 

The health and wellness of employees should be a top priority for any organization. If you want to attract and retain the best cybersecurity experts, consider offering a comprehensive health and wellness program tailored to their needs.  

A good health and wellness program can include access to mental health resources, free gym memberships, nutritious meal plans, ergonomic workspace options, stress management courses, and more.  

An effective program will also give employees access to regular check-ups and preventive care services at no additional cost beyond their standard insurance coverage. This not only improves the overall well-being of your team but also reduces potential absences due to illness or injury while on the job. 

Cybersecurity Job Employee Benefit #5: Continuing Education Opportunities 

Employees value professional development opportunities as it not only helps them hone their skills but can also lead to career advancement.  

As an employer, one of the most attractive benefits you can offer is access to certifications, training courses, and other educational resources. Not only will this benefit help attract more qualified applicants to your organization, but it will also ensure your team is well-equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to stay ahead of emerging threats.  

Professional development opportunities also show that you are willing to invest resources into helping cybersecurity employees build up their skill sets. This makes your organization more attractive than competitors who do not provide such benefits. 

Cybersecurity Job Employee Benefit #6: Four-Day Workweek

A four-day workweek isn’t just another fad. It’s quickly becoming a widely accepted alternative work model in many countries, including Iceland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

A recent survey from GoodHire indicated that 83% of employees prefer a four-day workweek over traditional five-day schedules, with 90% of Millennials voting in favor. This statistic illustrates just how important this benefit could be when looking to entice more qualified candidates into applying for a cybersecurity job. 

Not only does this give individuals extra time away from their desks, but it also allows them to focus on other areas such as personal development and hobbies, outside of work hours.  

Final Thoughts

Offering these employee benefits can help you attract and retain top talent for your cybersecurity team. Employees want to know their needs are being met, now more than ever. With so much competition in the industry, providing these benefits is a key factor that sets companies apart and makes them more attractive to potential employees. 

The good news is that there are plenty of talented cybersecurity professionals out there looking for work. The bad news is that many businesses don’t know how to recruit them. 

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